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Eras / Regions Ancient Egypt
Date: 1991 BC - 1802 BC
Type: Dynasty
Note: Middle Kingdom
Capital: Thebes
Language: Middle Egyptian
Script: Heiroglyphic
Religion: ancient Egyptian religion
Notes: The chronology of the 12th dynasty is the most stable of any period before the New Kingdom. The Ramses Papyrus canon (1290 BC) in Turin gives 213 years (1991-1778 BC). Manetho stated that it was based in Thebes, but from contemporary records it is clear that the first king moved its capital to a new city named Amenemhat-itj-tawy (Amenemhat the Seizer of the Two Lands), more simply called Itjtawy. The location of Itjtaway has not been found, but is thought to be near the Fayyum, probably near the royal graveyards at el-Lisht. Egyptologists consider this dynasty to be the apex of the Middle Kingdom..(wiki)
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